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Every revival in the history of the Church has taken place because God took hold of men and women, who in turn took hold of God in prayer, until He poured out His Spirit afresh from on high and changed the hearts and lives of men. The various revivals in the history of the UK have all been preceded by God moving the hearts of people to prayer.


Consequently, in these last days, God is seeking to pour out His Spirit afresh again for an even greater move in this nation. All the predictions about the last days are all being fulfilled, therefore, the gospel must be preached with power in every nation on the earth (Matthew 24). We urgently need a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, to empower us proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our nation! Thus the Holy Spirit is re-awakening, repositioning and preparing the Church for another revival in the land.


On 12 February 2010, the Lord woke me up from sleep and spoke clearly to me, “Gather the women to pray!” My response was “Yes Lord, but how?” He then proceeded to give me the strategy of small groups of up to five women, and the name QUIVER. Thus, God is not only moving the Church to prayer, He is stirring up women to rise up and carry, birth and nurture this fresh outpouring of His Spirit. (Isaiah 32:9-20)


Historically, women have always been actively involved in the revivals of this nation, and it seems the Lord is, yet again, calling upon women to spearhead the prayer movement that will bring revival in these days! What exciting times we are in, indeed! God is placing a burden and mantle of prayer and intercession for this nation upon His daughters. God is raising, rallying and uniting women to prayer.


The clarion call is out...




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